Gap & Free City
Baker Mayfield vs The Circuit Breaker | Progressive Commercial

Making their debut today as Progressive endorsers, Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield and his wife, Emily, star in a series of vignettes called “At Home With Baker Mayfield,” an episodic campaign that will play out throughout the upcoming NFL season. Big thanks to our friends at Arnold for bringing us on for Baker’s custom theme music, and and Adweek​ for making it Ad of The Day!

Trulia Paperboy Pete

We're beyond thrilled to be a part of Trulia's latest campaign featuring 4 original compositions over 3 spots. Big thanks to our friends at Venables Bell & Partners for the epic collaboration and creative license to explore music and help tell these stories. Without delay, please enjoy the comedic stylings of Paperboy Pete.

Almond Breeze - Grower Daughters 30

It's been a thrill cracking the code on custom music for Blue Diamond’ s Almond Breeze. Big thanks to our new friends at The Community for bringing us on to sonify their latest campaign.

Subway "Family"

Subway's latest campaign rebrands the chain with punk rock vibes leaving all traces of Jared in the past. With only 24 hours to turn around full-length authentic punk songs, Ski Team collaborated with artists to create original music for our friends at mcgarrybowen NY. Look out for Subway "Family" featuring "Come With Me," our collaboration with Ladies of Sport. 

Doritos Bold Outbreak

Our latest for Goodby Silverstein & Partners features music over 4 vignettes taking you global with a bold outbreak of munches. Apparently this was the highest tested Doritos spot ever which means nothing but sounds pretty dope.


Kick back with some Almond Breeze and peep our latest collaboration with Riney and Blue Diamond featuring an original music collab with artist She and the Sun, a brother/sister duo known for their indie folk and pop sensibilities.


For our latest collaboration with Droga5, we've partnered with Songs Publishing to feature Ethel & the Chord Tones for Diet Coke's "Afternoon Delight."

Golden State Warriors "Dub the Vote" Jumbotron

Here's our original song "Bombshell" for use at the Oracle Arena in R/GA's forward-thinking campaign "It's Our Time." This spot is a call to arms for the ‘Dub Nation’ to engage in voting Golden State Warriors players into the 2018 NBA All-Star Game.



Google Daydream VR Commercial

We're beyond thrilled to be a part of Google's latest, bringing humans one step closer to realizing this world is merely a simulate and help launch the Daydream View VR headset. Big thanks to the creative team a Google and producer Patrick Oliver bringing us on to help tell this story with original music.

sonnet - Bride

Proud to have worked on such an inspiring campaign. Featuring trans actor Joslyn Defreece as a bride on her wedding day, the latest from Sonnet Insurance (what up Canada!) lands Creativity's Editor's Pick. Big thanks to Johannes Leonardo & Groove Guild for bringing us on for original music, and much love to friends The Mammals for an awesome collaboration.

Taco Bell Commercial 2017 - (USA)

You had me at naked chicken chips. Here's our latest featuring original music for our friends at Taco Bell.

Xfinity Series - Names Been in Alot Places

We tell stories with big drums and loud guitars. The 2016 NASCAR Xfinity Series is the 35th season of semi-pro stock car racing. We're psyched to help launch the season with our latest for Ogilvy & Mather.


Stylish Steps to Success in Spring 2016

Yes mom.  Jay Z co-owns an ad agency and we just got to rock out with them.  We're psyched to bring you our first collaboration with Translation for DSW with an original, retro-French pop song featuring friend and collaborator Julie Hardy.  

Hidden Valley Ranch "Simply Pool"

Let's agree nothing is sexier than ranch dressing, so why not pair it with our cover of Donna Summer's "Love to Love You Baby." Big thanks to our friends at McGarry Bowen for bringing us on for music.

Moto Mods Presents: Power Up in a Snap | TUMI Power Pack

There's a little man in your phone with Tesla coils and he means business.  Big thanks to our friends at Ogilvy for bringing us on music for Motorola's latest.  

Audi "Elephant Stoplight"

Step inside the mind of an elephant with our latest for Audi.  Big thanks to our friends at Venables Bell & Partners for bringing us on for original music.

GE "Time Upon A Once"

Everything's upside down and backwards, but such is life on our small blue planet floating through the vastness of space anyway.  Much love to to our friends at BBDO NY for bringing us on for music in such a delightful and creative spot, & big thanks to Adweek for making it "Ad of the Day."

NASCAR - It's in Our Blood

Face it.  Racing is in your blood.  Please check out our first broadcast spot with Ogilvy & Mather for NASCAR.  This spot is cenematic with a great story, and we're proud to be a part of it.   



Clearasil "Interruption"

Every teenage boy can relate to his mother walking in at the wrong time.  We're psyched Droga5 went there, and brought us on to sonify this all-too-real spot.  Big thanks to Adweek for making it "Ad of the Day." 

Almond Breeze "Maybe"

Bringing artists and brands together truly makes the jingle game fun. Please check our latest for Blue Diamond Almond Breeze and Riney featuring the amazingly talented Mike + Ruthy.  Go see them live! 


This work for Publicis features a song by the Black lips and our sonic branding.

Gap & Free City
Gap & Free City

GAP and Free City just launched their collaboration with a campaign featuring original music by Ski Team that's sure to get you to the nearest mall to purchase a piece of fleeting happiness. Big thanks to Monica Escobar for her creative and Untitled Worldwide for the fun collaboration.



Original Music & Sound Design for Under Armour & Droga5.


Original music and sonic branding for Mullen and Acura in this AICP shortlisted, Directors Guild of America "Best Commercial" award winning campaign.  Directed by Martin de Thurah.



Original composition for Mullen and Fage, featuring Bobby Flay and his creamy meatballs.

Cheetos: Chester for Chester - Campaign Announcement :60

We're pleased to say our music has a voice on the campaign trail. If you love puppets and local government, you'll dig the Chester for Chester campaign brought to you by our friends at Goodby.

Powerful Answers | Inhale/Exhale | Verizon Networkfleet

Take a deep breath. Verizon and their team of innovators are saving the planet, and we've provided the music!  Big thanks to our friends at McGarry Bowen for bringing us on to score this beautiful campaign.


If you look back throughout history, you'll find that the holidays have long been associated with snowmen and Ritz Crackers. We're so pleased that our latest work for our friends at Havas features both. Enjoy!

Air Wick "Anthem"

Droga5 brings emotion to Air Wick with "Anthem."  This short film directed by Smuggler's Adam Berg and Oscar-nominated DP Linus Sandgrenis is Creativity's Editor's Pick, and a NY Times feature. With music by indie artist Aaron Espe, Ski Team is proud to have helped the narrative come alive with sound design through this single-shot airy adventure.


Original music for Venebles, Bell, & Partners and Audi for a spot so notable, The Tonight Show had to parody it.


Original music for Able Baker and Ogilvy & Mather for IBM.


Original 80's inspired hair metal for our friends at Arnold Worldwide and Avocados from Mexico.

AT&T Olympics "The New Possible"

The Ski Team makes it to the Olympics with AT&T!  This award winning campaign for BBDO integrates athletes results in real time over 6 spots.  Awards include Clio Bronze, AICP NEXT, NY FIlm Festival Bronze, Communication Arts Award/Excellence in Advertising, Once Show Merit, & NY Addy's Best in Show.



When you think of baseball one name comes to mind. It's not's New Balance, of course. Please check out our latest for our friends at Arnold called "Unlaced." This 12-part series features Evan Longoria, Jose Bautista, Scott Kazmir and CJ Wilson playing ball, pontificating on this and that, and clearly unlacing things.


Original music for our friends at Mullen and Acura.


Original music for Venebles Bell & Partners and Audi.  Adweek's spot of the Summer! 


Original music for BBDO and AT&T.  Directed by Naom Murro.


Thanksgiving comes early we're happy to share it with Will Arnett (Gob for the initiated). Many thanks to our friends at BBDO for the opportunity to compose music for this hilarious new AT&T campaign.

Dreyer's Frozen Custard

Frozen Custard is deilicious and your diet starts tomorrow. Big thanks to Goodby, Silverstein, & Partners for bringing us on for original music, rugged good looks, and boyish charm.


USTA Find Yourself in the Game commercial: Dale Chilton story

They call him the labrador because he likes to chase balls.  Get to know Dale in USTA's "Find Yourself in the Game" national outreach campaign.  Big thanks to DDB for bringing us on for music & sound design.  Now who's up for Canadian doubles?