THE BIG QUIET by Donny Dykowsky

The Big Quiet is a place for modern meditators founded by Jesse Israel, the once manager of MGMT and maverick record label owner, with the intent of bringing diverse and uninitiated people into a mindfulness community. The latest event held at NYC’s Museum of Natural History featuring our very own Josh Peck leading an ambient sound meditation for 700 people with an immersive deep-dive into the ocean to explore inner-space.

MAKE IT YOURS by Donny Dykowsky


Subway's latest campaign rebrands the chain with punk rock vibes leaving all traces of Jared in the past. With only 24 hours to turn around full-length authentic punk songs, Ski Team collaborated with artists to create original music for our friends at mcgarrybowen NY. Look out for Subway "Family" featuring "Come With Me," our collaboration with Ladies of Sport. 

BROKEN STAR by Donny Dykowsky

Broken Star, a psychological thriller starring Analeigh Tipton (Crazy, Stupid, Love) is set for theatrical release this Summer. Big thanks to director Dave Schwep, producer Howard Barish (Oscar nominated documentrary 13th), and Kandoo Films for bringing on the Ski Team’s Josh Peck and Donny Dykowsky for original score and music supervision.

TRULIA - Ad of the Day by Donny Dykowsky

We're beyond thrilled to be a part of Trulia's latest campaign featuring 4 original compositions over 3 spots. Big thanks to our friends at Venables Bell & Partners for the epic collaboration and creative license to explore music and help tell these stories.

OATH - Sonic Branding by Donny Dykowsky

Oath is Verizon's media conglomerate ushered in by the merger of AOL and Yahoo which holds outlets like Verizon, Huffington Post, Tech Crunch, RYOT, Yahoo, Tumblr, and many more.

We developed Oath’s unique sonic identity by defining the brand through cultural and competitor audits along with demographic and psychographic research, followed by concepting, composition and production to bring Oath’s sonic DNA to life. We then had to translate this sonic identity into master audio files and style guides that give partner agencies and additional music content developers a consistent voice and on-brand strategy for production.

Golden State Warriors "Dub The Vote" by Donny Dykowsky

Truly a blast to collaborate with our friends at R/GA on this forward-thinking campaign which set out to galvanize the ‘Dub Nation’ and engage them in voting Golden State Warriors players into the 2018 NBA All-Star Game. Much love to Adam Reeves, Ellie Hardy, and all involved in making this happen. Big thanks to The Drum for the feature. 

YAS KWEEN by Donny Dykowsky

"an empowering celebration filled with good feeling and positive energy" - Atwood Magazine

Big thanks to Atwood Magazine for premiering the 2nd single from Big Hair Girls "Yas Kween," a dancey chant-pop anthem co-written and produced by Donny Dykowsky, mixed by Andy Balwin, and mastered by Joe LaPorta. Much love to Lizzy & Venus, Cidney Hue, Illium Pictures and Jenny Liu for making this video a reality.

FUTURE IS FEMALE by Donny Dykowsky

Peep the premier video of Ski Team artist Big Hair Girls "Future is Female." Big thanks to AFROPUNK, Kris Merc, Ron Douglas, Adam Reeves, Raymo Ventura, YelloKat Studio, Cidney Hue, Snigdha Kapoor, Felipe Malahem, Anna Sera Garcia, Andy Baldwin, & Joe LaPorta for making this happen.

Gap & Free City by Donny Dykowsky

GAP and Free City just launched their collaboration with a campaign featuring original music by Ski Team that's sure to get you to the nearest mall to purchase a piece of fleeting happiness. Big thanks to Monica Escobar for her creative and Untitled Worldwide for the fun collaboration.

Bride by Donny Dykowsky

"It's like rain on your wedding day," sang Alanis Morrisette in "Ironic," among her list of the blows life deals you -- but in a new ad from insurance brand Sonnet, the bride doesn't let that ruin things at all.

The spot, by Johannes Leonardo and directed by Matt Lambert, broke on Canadian TV during the Oscars and features a bride standing in a pouring rain shower, as everything from her dress and makeup to her wedding presents and champagne flutes, gets a good soaking.

A man's voiceover asks, "Come on, rain? Is this the best you can do? This is all you've got? See all this stuff is just stuff. And there's someone who can protect it."

The scene then cuts to the bride smiling and speaking, in the same male voice, "But my ability to go through life, in no matter the circumstance, ask, 'What's the best that can happen?' That's the most valuable asset I'll ever own. You can't break that. Not now, not after we've come this far."

Turns out the bride is played by trans actress Joslyn Defreece, adding another, socially-conscious layer of meaning to the ad, which ends with the tagline "protect your optimism, not just your things."

It's a thoughtful and intelligent approach to selling home and auto insurance.


Go North by Donny Dykowsky

With Music Supervision by Donny Dykowsky featuring songs by Daptone's Saun & Starr, Angus Powell, and Two Sheds, "Go North" is the story of young orphan children and stray teens coming together to form a small community when they're left to fend for themselves in post-apocalyptic America.  

A Lord of the Flies-type thriller, starring Jacob Lofland (Mud, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials) and Sophie Kennedy Clark (The Danish Girl, Philomena) as two young survivors who decide to escape their makeshift community for the chance of a better life.

Executive produced by Morgan Spurlock and directed by documentarian Matt Ogens (Meet the Hitlers, Confessions of a Superhero), "Go North" also stars Patrick Schwarzenegger (son of Arnold; Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse), Joshua Close (The Master) and James Bloor (upcoming Leatherface).

The film will have both a small theatrical and VOD release on January 13, 2017.

Palace Of A King by Donny Dykowsky

So pumped this is live. See the film. Peep the track. Play it loud. Big thanks to Patrick McGrath, Brian Joyce, & Cru Jones for rocking out with us, and much love to Adam Reeves for slipping us a poem in a blizzard that inspired the song. Hugs, kisses, and complex handshakes to Patrick Oliver & Magnolia Pictures for giving this track a sweet home in the fim Harry Benson: Shoot First.  This song is available on Spotify, iTunes, and all digital streaming/download sites.


Daydream by Donny Dykowsky

We're beyond thrilled to be a part of Google's latest, bringing humans one step closer to realizing this world is merely a simulate and help launch the Daydream View VR headset. Big thanks to the creative team a Google and producer Patrick Oliver bringing us on to help tell this story with original music.



Shoot First by Donny Dykowsky

Harry Benson: Shoot First is a look back on the iconic photographer's carreer, which rose to fame alongside the Beatles with their inaugural trip to the US.  Benson's extensive portfolio includes classic images of the Beatles, Stones, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, and every US president since Eisenhower.  Big thanks to music supervisor Patrick Oliver and Magnolia Pictures for featuring our original song "Palace of a King" (performed by Patrick McGrath) for the closing credits.  Check it out in theaters and streaming 12/9.

Dreams of Dali by Donny Dykowsky

Get one step closer to the singularity with Dreams of Dali.  Big thanks to our friends at Goodby, Silverstein, & Partners for bringing us on to sonify this award winning VR experience for the Dali Museum and online.

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North by Donny Dykowsky

Donny Dykowsky has officially singed on as Music Supervisor for the feature film North.  This film starring Jacob Loftland (Mud, Maze Runner), Sophie Kennedy Clark (Philomena, Dark Shadows), & Patrick Schwarzenegger (Dear Eleanor, Grown Ups 2), directed by Matt Ogens is a coming of age drama set in a post-apocolyptic world. 

Tennis Anyone? by Donny Dykowsky


The United States Tennis Association is saying “Find Yourself in the Game” in a new national outreach campaign by DDB New York, launching ahead of the U.S. Open.  The awareness-building effort carries the unifying theme that tennis is for everyone, and creative uses simply drawn animation that illustrates voiceovers by real players and pros who talk about what they do in tennis and how the sport has changed their lives. Sonifying this 3-spot campaign was an opprtunity to use instrumentation and sound design in untraditional ways to help tell each story and compliment the trippy animnations.