Bride / by Donny Dykowsky

"It's like rain on your wedding day," sang Alanis Morrisette in "Ironic," among her list of the blows life deals you -- but in a new ad from insurance brand Sonnet, the bride doesn't let that ruin things at all.

The spot, by Johannes Leonardo and directed by Matt Lambert, broke on Canadian TV during the Oscars and features a bride standing in a pouring rain shower, as everything from her dress and makeup to her wedding presents and champagne flutes, gets a good soaking.

A man's voiceover asks, "Come on, rain? Is this the best you can do? This is all you've got? See all this stuff is just stuff. And there's someone who can protect it."

The scene then cuts to the bride smiling and speaking, in the same male voice, "But my ability to go through life, in no matter the circumstance, ask, 'What's the best that can happen?' That's the most valuable asset I'll ever own. You can't break that. Not now, not after we've come this far."

Turns out the bride is played by trans actress Joslyn Defreece, adding another, socially-conscious layer of meaning to the ad, which ends with the tagline "protect your optimism, not just your things."

It's a thoughtful and intelligent approach to selling home and auto insurance.