Meet B L U E O X – A Jersey City duo embracing the sounds of stoner-rock psychedelia, anti-folk, and creative production techniques. With sounds inspired by 70's era Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, and Fela Kuti their forthcoming, self-titled debut EP echoes all the deep goodness of laying in bed on a Sunday morning after great sex, still a little high from the night before.

With haunting melodies and bold lyrics, singer Kieran Sullivan (Cecilia Celeste) delivers each song with the confidence of a life truly earned. Producer and multi-instrumentalist Donny Dykowsky (Chesterwhite) is a perfect compliment for Kieran’s approachable grit and melancholy as they both set the tone for a story-telling concept with themes of light and dark, the afterlife, and beyond.

Named after Kieran’s blue Ford pick up truck, the first B L U E O X session took place on April Fools Day, 2018, the day that truck was stolen. “I met Donny at a local coffee shop, and we had an inspired chat about our shared influences,” says Kieran. “From there we hit my studio, threw up some mics, and 2 hours later we had written and recorded our first song ‘Whatever It Is,’ a cinematic piece that pays tribute to our heroes.” says Donny.