The Ski Team is a collective of artists, producers, and composers specializing in music for film, tv, and brands. We use original composition, licensing, and strategy for an overall streamlined approach to building a sonic identity. The Ski Team delivers award-winning creative and consistently inspired content in this ever-changing media landscape.  


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Donny Dykowsky - Executive PRoducer/Founder

Donny Dykowsky is a producer and music supervisor for broadcast, film, and new-media. A background in composition, audio post-production, and music publishing enables him to bring award-winning content to life through music, strategy, and sonic branding. 

A native New Yorker and multi-instrumentalist, his professional career started early touring with bands at 16. After graduating the Conservatory of Music at Purchase and stints with music publishing, he went on to front the band Chesterwhite. With the Warped Tour and other notable venues under his belt, Donny made a name for himself as writer/producer for a commercial music house making records for artists and scoring to picture. In 2010 he started The Ski Team, a music company that works directly with filmmakers, record labels, artists, and the biggest advertising agencies in the world.

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Josh Peck - Creative DIRECTOR

Writer/producer, multi-intrumentalist, & sound meditation facilitator, Josh Peck believes good music should move you.  Also an accomplished sound designer, Josh brings passion and fun to every job.  With a deep list of national brands to his credit, Josh has written and produced music for several award winning films, TV and Grammy-winning artist releases, and designs sonic experiences that explore a seamless transition between acoustic and electro-acoustic, multi-channel mediums. Recent installations include the Rubin Museum, Woom Center, and partnerships with 1 Hotel.